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Fuck The HPY-Death Day...

2017-09-16 19:38:06 by IvoAluminum

Well i'm not about to rage, and i'm a little stressed about the slash movie about serial killer on HDD... Yeah, i don't wanna watch the movie but not even halloween or 2018 or whatever...


So the problem from youtube, there's a movie coming out this year, but that is super slashery scary... but what if happen if you will not see this ad?


ANS:: GO get Youtube Red (for monthly/3-months or else if it's exprired you get billing.), I used youtube red since June 16... that's before i could got that i cannot see the HDD ad.


Also I get billing this month. also TODAY. and yes! I'm about to block the fucking ad, because of the slasher movie.


That's all i have to say, no worries... Get Youtube Red, Block the Ad or something...



Projects Revealed

2017-09-02 20:20:44 by IvoAluminum

Well, Since I've stopped doing collabs, might as well list the projects that I'll be Working on this year.

Solo Projects:

  • Ask One Punch-Man: I will start on this after i'm making a promo/trailer.
  • P.Y.T MV: Yeah... i don't use flipnote... I only use Adobe Flash to animate MVs... I can make a long ver.
  • Mario's Redux Combat: that take weeks to animate, as long i get the power star sprites could be avaliable on sites.
  • LL- OrigamiLock Returns: I'll start to make a "LockLegion" animation until i set up the speakonia.

Collabs / Joint Projects:

  • The Miraculous Ladybug Collab (ShirukenMaster / RGPAnims)
  • The Haunted Dojo Collab (Hyun)
  • Sonic Mania Oddshow Collab (Shadic15)
  • Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle + Kirby & Sonic Collab (MonoSurge)

contact me on stickzero@hotmail.com or Private Message what you really think what i rather do.

New Intro!

2017-08-30 20:38:53 by IvoAluminum

Finally, i made my new intro, well the old intro is kinda crappy... if my monitor gets crashed, my computer might be broken but lucky nothing happen! I hope you like the intro!

I made this intro with Adobe Animate CC 2017, but i wasn't being bored if i make my symbol, as long this is going well.


2017-08-26 23:59:03 by IvoAluminum

I'm making my people so anorexic?

I'm Making My People So Anorexic?!



GUYS! What the FUCK?! i'm so fucking pissed the CRAP OFF!

I did good in my new artwork!

I got my skills to arts! You thought i did very good on arts but THIS?!?!, I Can't Help Doing Anatomy Lessions Since I Drew Well!


What is going on?

I got my skills to arts, I Got My Skills To Arts! I't doesn't count that i don't make this right that still racist!





Come on NG? Are you kidding me? My new art i submitted here, I did everything so stupid? NO!! BULLSHIT!! NOT TODAY, It's because i can't do anything right?


Look doing artwork is a job i gotten better sometimes i messed it up

How did everyone do it?! they gotten better than me?! I practice a lot, IT'S JUST ART.

It's not a joke, we need to do something...

and this, I'm pissed, I'm psycho, and i'm schizo (AGAIN!)


Look, it's not NG's fault, and it's not user's fault, It's anatomy's fault so they attempt me to do something like this cause my art sucks?! WHAT?! I'M SCHIZO RIGHT NOW...


Ok look, a long time ago, back in 2013, i draw on photoshop after i stopped doing drawing on photoshop since last year, but i love drawing that much, it's not that i'm lazy and stuff... and... I have Opinions to arts, but plz give me time to draw and practice, and then submit it, it's not that i'm a freak.


I founded out the reviews, they think my arts are racist, I HATED THAT WHEN I SEE THEM... sorry about this... I'm upset and it's ruining my life somehow that weird reason, i hope thing are getting fixed and everything like this getting better...


But still ok with that, it's not like i'm angry, i'm schizo and pissed off, and i'm just going to get over with it

make everything right, and i hope you like my other arts. (NEXTTIME...)



Everything is flipped...

2017-08-26 09:42:19 by IvoAluminum

What the fuck guys!


Everything is not going right, everything stolen, everything pissed, and for the good users did right after all, but racist users did everything stupid... What is going on?


it's very obnoxious and flipped... why won't admins, and moderators fix everything they done before?


if this would messing everything racist users wouldn't be in this mess


can anyone help?

Late for S10THA collab

2017-08-22 16:37:13 by IvoAluminum

I'm sorry I was late and I was going to show the w.i.p, but I just finished it off yesterday and it's on YouTube

And there's MP4 in MediaFire too.

Happy Clock Day!

2017-08-15 22:29:37 by IvoAluminum

It's clock day today...


At least i made an artwork as fake movie poster

I'm late making animation, but i still didn't upload that but i'll make it late cd17.


also happy clock day 2017.

In his thread he's posting about abusive... i mean, what is up with him and his rude question?


5825856_150228839541_Thiskidisveryraging....jpgSo what the fuck, that was really distracting right now, well maybe the mods can lock this thread :|

Sketch and Color

2017-07-03 19:59:16 by IvoAluminum

So i've been doing this for june 30th as animonthly so now i uploaded on youtube! but still unlisted.

Also my 100th entry of my news post!

Still going to make this

2017-06-08 21:03:49 by IvoAluminum

As i'm using krita, i'm trying to draw me with flames


As you see here, this is my portrait of nano (me), so i ain't stupid or retarded, nothing like this, i'm just trying to get this and get this more improvement.

sorry about the big screen.