Entry #107

Projects Revealed

2017-09-02 20:20:44 by IvoAluminum

Well, Since I've stopped doing collabs, might as well list the projects that I'll be Working on this year.

Solo Projects:

  • Ask One Punch-Man: I will start on this after i'm making a promo/trailer.
  • P.Y.T MV: Yeah... i don't use flipnote... I only use Adobe Flash to animate MVs... I can make a long ver.
  • Mario's Redux Combat: that take weeks to animate, as long i get the power star sprites could be avaliable on sites.
  • LL- OrigamiLock Returns: I'll start to make a "LockLegion" animation until i set up the speakonia.

Collabs / Joint Projects:

  • The Miraculous Ladybug Collab (ShirukenMaster / RGPAnims)
  • The Haunted Dojo Collab (Hyun)
  • Sonic Mania Oddshow Collab (Shadic15)
  • Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle + Kirby & Sonic Collab (MonoSurge)

contact me on stickzero@hotmail.com or Private Message what you really think what i rather do.


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