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"NEW" LockLegion v10

2017-11-19 10:40:06 by IvoAluminum

They updated and created a forum where v10 is newer than v9 but... i'm registered today and i'm making references, but i made up my own lock name: Stick-BlueLock, he looks like my oc on every art. but i would have to animate LL by the time but i'm doin fine with LL and just for that i'll make new friends on the froum.

anyway. Join now! :D

REEL 2017

2017-11-05 19:46:32 by IvoAluminum

I made a Trailer just to make it me some special event, and vhs look is the way i can do with reels by that time and everything what is like and some stuff i have collections. WHATEVER...

I hope you like it!


RGPAnims Loop!

2017-11-02 23:42:14 by IvoAluminum

I made the animation but I didn't have time to make a fanart right now cuz it's midnight.

Here's the Video!

Happy 15th Birthday @RGPAnims and he's a big boy! :D


Vidlii finally god it site up! go and see now If you dare! >8P You know guys, Vidlii is like a themed old YouTube in 2006/2009/2012 and some other designed But Vidlii's Themes and Colors looks actually radical.


Can't believe another sonic collab is coming soon! also i'm about to do a thumbnail soon... but i'll still do my entry, well maybe an intro soon.

Here are Examples::

   1. Mania Celebration Collab (Hosted by Sario350)

   2. Sonic Oddshow Mania (Hosted By DevyAnimates)

   3. Sonic Advance Oddshow Collab (Hosted by ZackEXE)

Enjoy joining those collab! :3

Parody was pure awesome! not only that there were awesome submissions by the members of the NG, Lovely Chumps, and Spriter's Planet, despite the evil little 13-16 year old emo kid voting 0 on most of the movies, but I managed to get me 2 awards as well XD...

The Super Mario Oddshow Collab:
Shadic15 had to go somewhere and the collab needed to be out on NG, so in the final hours, everyone put everything together and fixed the sounds and submitted this awesome collab just before the day was active.

The Kirby Collab 3:
The 25th Anniversary Collab were put together over night and submitted for Anniversary and everyone liked and hated.

Stoplight Calamity:
Go and vote five for @RGPAnims. This movie totally ownes!!!!

The Kirby Collab 3 On NG!

2017-09-27 10:27:14 by IvoAluminum

Since December 2015, gamerraven hosted the collab, and also couple of people but he should cancel the collab and just quit... NOT REALLY... he can still continue to make the collab but even this year, all the digital and spritian animators joined the collab this year! (formerly...) and I decided to join too, even my friends can join. and also on July 6th, they posted on YouTube, and also this month RGPAnims and Gamerraven edit the collab and also ShirukenMaster made his entry of the collab, and they finally posted on Newgrounds this time! :D




go and vote 5!

Madness Day 2017...

2017-09-22 16:16:36 by IvoAluminum

So, I thinking of this again... but yet again, I have to make an artwork :P like last year... but I can still be a part of this celebration and I have to use my animating software to make the artwork celebration :D


Anyway, Happy Madness Day 2017! obviously...

DDevil AMV...

2017-09-19 20:39:09 by IvoAluminum

I'll figure out how i'm going to mix the AMV for Invader ZIM episodes


i mean... everyone with making amv vids in 2006... :P

I'll start for tomorrow... probably...

Fuck The HPY-Death Day...

2017-09-16 19:38:06 by IvoAluminum

Well i'm not about to rage, and i'm a little stressed about the slash movie about serial killer on HDD... Yeah, i don't wanna watch the movie but not even halloween or 2018 or whatever...


So the problem from youtube, there's a movie coming out this year, but that is super slashery scary... but what if happen if you will not see this ad?


ANS:: GO get Youtube Red (for monthly/3-months or else if it's exprired you get billing.), I used youtube red since June 16... that's before i could got that i cannot see the HDD ad.


Also I get billing this month. also TODAY. and yes! I'm about to block the fucking ad, because of the slasher movie.


That's all i have to say, no worries... Get Youtube Red, Block the Ad or something...